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At the Corcoran Lions, we are united in our dedication to community service, driven by the belief that kindness can profoundly transform the world. Our members exemplify leadership, fostering connections that uplift and aid those around us. With over 1.4 million compassionate members worldwide, the Lions stand as a testament to the power of collective action—proving that together, we can enact significant change and enrich countless lives.

Our commitment is manifested through a diverse array of local initiatives tailored to address the unique needs of our communities. From organizing food drives to supporting youth through mentorship programs, and extending aid during times of disaster, every action we take is a step towards a better tomorrow. Our team, a mosaic of individuals passionate about service, is at the heart of our impact, each member a beacon of hope and change.

Becoming a part of the Corcoran Lions means joining a global legacy of service that spans over a century. Lions Clubs International, the world's largest service organization, encompasses 1.4 million members across more than 49,000 clubs in 200 countries and territories. Since our inception in 1917, we have dedicated ourselves to improving health, wellbeing, and resilience in communities worldwide. Our guiding principle, “We Serve,” encapsulates our mission to support and uplift those in need, both locally and globally.

Discover more about our mission and how you can contribute to a legacy of service at Join the Corcoran Lions today, and be part of a movement that is larger than life itself.

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